Bauer S170 JR Goalie Pads


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The buzz has never been higher than it is on the new Bauer OD1N lineup of gear! After the press conference a few years back, where Bauer gave the public a taste of the future in a concept car type style, the public wouldn't let the OD1N goalie set up die down and demanded it to be a retail product in the near future.

Well, the future has arrived! The revolutionary set up that has been being worn under disguise by some of the most influential NHL goalies around for the past few season has been thrown into the mix and the hype is beyond warranted, the gear is simply stellar!

The lineup has several price points in play and all of them feature the most forward thinking designs with materials never before seen on any gear made in the past!

The S170 pad is a just a great option for the weekend warrior looking for some of the features from the pads above this price point! The most clean cut, balanced and picture perfect pad Bauer has ever launched! A full leatherless strapping system exist in this set. No overlay or underlay designs on the face keep the weight down and cleanliness absolute perfection!

If you want to get a taste for what will be the benchmark for all companies in terms of design going forward, here is the chance now, years before it what anyone thought would become a reality! The OD1N is the future, today!

Brand URL : http://www.bauer.com

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