CCM 1.5 Yth. Goalie Mask


$179.99 each
Brand: CCM



The CCM 1.5 Goalie Mask, powered by Lefevre, is a good choice for the recreational or the intermediate league goalie who wants the feel and looks of a high-end helmet. The traditional VN Foam liner works with the polycarbonate shell to help safely dissipate impact energy without sacrificing comfort. The VN Foam is still a pro-preferred spec in the NHL and provides a broken-in feel right out of the box. 

The carbon steel straight eye cage ensures better eye and face protection than a cat-eye cage but thanks to the updated bar design, it provides better vision than straight bar cages before. 

  • CCM Sizing Guidelines:
    • Mask Size // Head Circumference
    • YTH // 21" - 22 7/8"

*This product is Certified by CSA, HECC and CE


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