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Warrior is back at it again however this time with a new twist to the already successful Ritual G3 line!


The Ritual GT pad shares many features of the very popular G3 however it has a softer feel and increased flexibility.  The RGT is still a very lightweight and exceptionally well balanced pad just like the previous Ritual's Warrior has produced. 



•Warrior has utilized a tapered boot to allow for enhanced footwork and mobility.


•Warrior's Geometric Torsion Technology creates flex points below the knee and ankle to allow the pad to seal seamlessly to the ice without causing lift on the thigh rise while in the butterfly position, this allows the pad to have the boot taper without interrupting the seal and closure of the butterfly.


•Warrior is still using their Knee Drive System to lock the pad in while engaged in a butterfly.


•The Knee Drive System will allow for clean movements around the knee guard and will prevent the pad from under or over rotating in the butterfly position.


•A 360 Degree leg channel provides optimal rotation and feel.


•Comes standard with toe laces to allow the Geometric Torsion Technology to work however they do also come with Warrior's Active Response Toe Strap.


•A leather boot strap can be installed (purchased separately)


•Comes stock with Warrior's very popular GT Sr. Knee Pads.



•Tapered back hand cuff to allow for unparalleled mobility.


•Sewn in (non-removable palm) for ultimate consistency.


•Standard 70 Degree break angle offers a optimal closure angle for most goalies.


•Extremely lightweight while maintaining optimal balance provides for excellent feel.


TGC Custom Colours in Warrior's GT Classic Design!




•Ultra lightweight for superior balance and ease of movement.


•Bindingless construction reduces weight and provides excellent durability.


•Contoured thumb and finger protection provides excellent coverage.


•Removable palm allows for simplified replacements as well as customized sizing options (comes stock with a large palm)


•Adjustable palm to allow for a dialed in blocker placement. 






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