Bauer Vapor 2X Sr. Pro Catcher


$589.99 each
Brand: Bauer



Bauer is back at it with the second generation of the all new Vapor series! The redone vaper series has done more to distinguish itself from the Supreme series and executes on key properties specific to the Vapor family.

•60 Degree break angle for an awesome effortless closure.

•New CATCHLITE material makes the glove lite and durable.

•New max depth pocket for a puck eating pocket that retains everything sent its way.

•CURV composite cuff for a light and strong cuff box, free flex backhand for structured protection and flexibility. 

•Aerolite backhand is a lightweight protective backhand material.

•Fast strap wrist strap with Ax Suede Quattro padding provides a secure comfortable fit.

•CURV composite palm reinforced with lightweight, strong and protective PORON XRD.

•Catchgrip comfort with THERMOCORE for the optimal feel and moisture wicking capabilities.




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