Bauer Vapor X2.9 Jr. Chest and Arm


$299.99 each
Brand: Bauer



Bauer has improved their Vapor Chest and Arm line by truly making a more mobile chest to cater to those who find the supreme too rigid. This is by far the most versatile Bauer chest that has come out in years.

•Dynamic 3 Flex arms for flexible, light and structured protection.

•Arch adjust collar fit system for ideal floater placement. Paired with HD foam for excellent lightweight protection.

•Extension fit arm system allows for a custom tailored fit.

•Thermomax liner to help keep cool.

•Layered HD foams throughout the sternum for excellent protection in crucial areas.

•MD foams with core extension system for a lightweight protective composition. 

•Fast straps for quick on the fly adjustments to create the perfect fit.



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