Bauer Vapor X2.7 Yth. Goal Skate


Brand: Bauer



Bauer is keeping the Vapor trend going for 2019 with the 2X series and is looking like it will be an even better advancement than the revolutionary models of the past few years. Keeping the ultra-revolutionary and high performing Vertexx holder is a no brainer to continue the past success.

•New 3D tech PU Quarter creates a light, durable and well-fitting boot.

•New updated Vapor goal fit with a deeper set position for better eyelet clearance.

•Flex edge collar for comfort and flexibility. 

•Grip liner for a lightweight secure fit.

•Felt tongue for comfort and performance.

•New memory foam ankle pad for better comfort and a secure fit.

•Lightweight TPR outsole for lightweight performance.

•LS1G+ Steel for taller stance and better push angles.

•Larger Lundqvist loop for ease of use.


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