Our Mission

Ward and Patch Sports had its grand opening in 1950 located at 777 Annette Street in Toronto , Ontario . In 2003 Ward and Patch Sports developed a business plan to become part of the Hockey Industry and opened a location in Richmond Hill , Ontario specializing in Goaltending products and services. The Goalie Crease was born and since opening we have grown rapidly to become one of the most recognizable Goaltending Retailers in the World and the only Goaltending Specialized Retailer in the Greater Toronto Area. Our commitment to customer service is the major reason we have accomplished many of our goals and a major reason that Ward and Patch Sports has been around since 1950. We pride ourselves on the great people that work at The Goalie Crease who share a love of the game and wealth of knowledge about the gear. Everyone that works at The Goalie Crease is a Goaltender and has played at almost every level competitively. Beyond that we also have our great people involved in Hockey outside of the store coaching and instructing minor hockey at various levels of competition in the community. It has become a standard that we look for great people that are Goaltenders as they are a breed apart and a key to our success providing professional, specialized and friendly service that meets and exceeds our valued customers needs and wants.

Our service truly is what sets us apart from our competition. Our main focus is providing professional, specialized and friendly service. Through this approach we are always updating our product knowledge through product demonstrations, product testing, and product literature, understanding new trends in the game of hockey, specifically the Goaltender position, and most of all listening to the needs and wants of our valued customers. Taking these steps not only allows us to properly educate ourselves but it allows us to understand what will work for each and every individual by providing critical decision making information resulting in an easier decision making process for our customers. We search globally for the best products and services available in every price category and compare each for quality, value, and most of all what the customer wants. We attend numerous trade shows to view the newest products and services. From there our buying decisions are made after we have looked far and wide at all the possibilities. This enables us to provide and advise our customers on the best product or service to meet and exceed their needs and wants. These steps provide our customers confidence in knowing that great lengths are taken to make good on our professional, specialized and friendly service standards.

There is a reason we have had so much success and that is because of our valued customers. We appreciate each and every one of you as a unique person who shares the same desire for Hockey, especially Goaltending, that we do. We know that we can continue to earn your business and most of all friendship. We are The Goalie Crease and may your net always be empty.

The Store

In 2007 we moved into a new retail location to better provide our customers with an experience they would never forget. With 4000 square feet of wall to wall goaltending equipment we are able to display a wide arrangement of gear at all price categories. That is just the tip of the iceberg. We also have a storage facility that equals our retail space to house a deep inventory at all times. This allows us to buy in large quantities to pass along the savings to our valued customer and provide the right piece of gear to match your needs and wants. It gets better. We have also installed a mini arena to give the best possible feel of a new piece of gear before it ever hits the ice or spending any of your hard earned money. This creates fantastic results and in the end makes your purchasing decisions easier.

Along with the mini arena we have also equipped our store with a skate oven. We use this oven to properly heat fit skates and initialize the break in process for gloves. All minor features that we feel are very important getting you and your new gear off to the right start.

Our commitment to our customers and providing a great facility doesn't end here. We have a state-of-the-art skate sharpening system. With this machine and our professionally trained associates we are able to provide professional skate services that all major hockey stores have with our unique knowledge of what works best for goaltenders. This truly sets us apart and exemplifies our professional, specialized, and friendly service to our valued customer. We are able to provide all sharpening and profile activities on site and in a timely fashion. We also have the ability to perform repairs by hand. We can repair skate rivets and overdrive blade installations, repair mask hardware, hand stitched repairs on all other gear including straps, clips, buckles, and modifications.

We hope if you reside or visit the Greater Toronto Area you take the time to come visit us at our store, meet the faces of The Goalie Crease, have a great visit, and leave with a great experience! Hope to see you all soon!

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